👋 you can book 60 mins session with me!!

For the last 2 years, I was doing a lot of 1:1 with developers.

If you are looking for consultation on career, programming, code or just want to ask questions or learn from my experience.

What to talk about?

  • Development - JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ReactJS/Redux, SCSS, large applications
  • Code Reviews*
  • Career advice
  • Blogging
  • community
  • Public speaking
  • Job searching
  • Mock interview
  • Art
  • and whatever you want (PS: no personal questions)


  1. 1000 INR /per session (non-refundable)

  2. For code reviews 5,000 INR.

  3. Send an email to with prefer time slots & dates (at least 2)

  4. I will share the payment details and final date/time

Happy Learning!!