Design System

I have 3 years of experience working on the design system. The design system sounds simple but is complex and needs a lot of work from not just the developer side but from everyone in the team. Enjoy my blogs, and talks on design systems!!

  1. Most asked questions I get on the Design System

✨ #25DaysofDesignSystem

  1. Day 1: What is a Design System?

  2. Day 2: How to know you need a Design System?

  3. Day 3: How to start with the Design system?

  4. Day 4: Design System Architecture of components

  5. Day 5: What Design System should not have

  6. Day 6: Tech tools of your Design System

  7. Day 7: How to pick the tech of the Design system

  8. Day 8: Minimum components Design System should have

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Scalable Design Systems in ReactJS: Women of React 2020