Day 1: What is a Design System? #25DaysofDS


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If you are hearing the design system a lot and it is making you curious to know more about it then well I am here to help you out in this.

For the next 25 days, I will be writing a dedicated blog on the Design system. I will try to decode the design system mystery for you.

PS: I am republishing my 2019 blogs here.

Is the Design system a new kid in the tech world?

Nope. The design system is not something new lingo. The design system was always there. Now, it is catching more and more attention because now the tech industry reaches that level where we want to focus on important things rather than doing the same tasks, taking the same decisions, doing the same discussions again and again.

Now, let me explain to you what a design system is "Systems design is the process of defining the architecture, modules, interfaces, and data for a system to satisfy specified requirements. Systems design could be seen as the application of systems theory to product development." As per Wikipedia.

In a layman language here what I define Design system is:

"Design system is the collection of reusable components, a product's or company's brand guidelines, style guide which contains all the design guidelines, rules, constraints, etc. In short, the design system is a single source of truth about the product/company. A good design system has something for designers and developers. " The basic design system should have:

Reusable components: Components are the isolated component such as button, input field, accordion any developer can use in their projects.

Brand guidelines: brand guidelines are the guidelines of the brands (product/project) such as logo, colors, font-family, user experience, etc. Style guidelines such as colors, typography, scale, etc.

Documentation: No design system is complete without documentation.

The good news is that one is free to make their own rules for the design system as long as your design system is meeting your requirements and solving the problems.

Happy Learning!!